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The Added Values of IRENE:

  • Gas network analysis for small, medium & large (>100,000 pipelines) gas networks
  • Rapid, reliable calculations and presentations
  • Smooth XML communication with your IT systems
  • Excellent customer support & helpdesk
  • Easily scalable & user-friendly interfaces
  • Proven track record since 1995
  • Suitable for different gases (natural gas, biogas, hydrogen, CO2, etc)

Welcome to the IRENE Pro webpage!

If you are looking for the tool to analyse the pressure in your gasnetwork, than you are at the right place. 

DOWNLOAD the latest (trial) version of IRENE Pro here.

ORDER a license or request order infomation here. 

IRENE Pro is more than just a gas network calculation programme. It is an analysis tool for the design of gas distribution networks, the execution of network calculations and for the determination of the level of risk or security of supply. The capacity calculation forms the basis of IRENE Pro. However, IRENE Pro can be extended with extra modules, according to your needs and wishes. New modules are being developed on a regular basis, extending the analysing possibilities of IRENE Pro even more. We listen carefully to the wishes of the users whilst developing these new modules.



IRENE Pro 4.4.4: Bug fix release
IRENE Pro 4.4.4 is now available with some important fixes.

Season's greetings with IRENE Pro 4.4.3
IRENE Pro 4.4.3 is now available with three important fixes.