IRENE Pro is the software tool for gas network analysis and gas network modeling. IRENE Pro can be used for simple pressure and capacity calculations to advanced risk analysis. IRENE Pro is a very flexible tool: from small to large and complex gas networks and from simple to very advanced analysis are possible.
IRENE Pro can be used stand-alone, but is especially suitable for cooperation with your GIS (Geographic Information System) via the international XML format exchange.

The programme is easily installed and can even be executed from a USB memory stick.

New posibilities for analysis are continuesly developed. The beauty is, that you can bring in your own ideas. Currently the following analysis modules are availble:  

A demonstration version of IRENE Pro St, suitable for calculating a maximum of 50 pipelines (fed by 1 feeding point/gas station) can be downloaded here.

View here the change log of IRENE Pro.


User interface:

  • Easy and intuitif user interface for viewing, analysing and modeling gas networks
  • Clear interface leaving all the room for viewing the gas network.
  • No limitations to the size of the gas network. IRENE Pro is optimized for a fast performance, no mather the size of the gas network.
  • Multiple gas networks can be loaded in the same environment and analysed (for instance several transport and distribution gas networks. Their interaction can also be modeled and anlysed).
  • All tools available for easy changing or even creating complete new gas networks.
  • Draw, split, extend pipelines. Draw, change, move stations, valves, consumers, etc.
  • Close or open valves or stations.
  • Change the properties of any object.
  • Unlimited undo and redo. 
  • Select multiple objects with Fence or Polyfence and change them at once.
  • Move selected objects to a new gas network.
  • Merge different gas networks to one gas network.
  • Smart mouse interface reduces the number of mouse clicks.
  • Tooltip not only works for all menus and buttons, but also for all objects in the gas network. Hoover above any object and it's major properties are shown in the tooltip.
  • Easy pan and zoom mousefunctions. Go back and forward between previous views.
  • IRENE Pro is fuly user customizable: select your own background colour and colour schemes, line, text and object sizes, default file locations, etc.
  • Background maps on/off.
  • Gridlines on/off.
  • Search objects based on coordinates or  text.
  • Sort, filter, select and change objects in listviews.
  • Copy/paste objects in the listviews from and to Excel.
  • Locate the listview selected object in the gas network view (view zooms to the location)
  • Mark selected objects with different colours in the gas network view. 
  • Save an exisitng gas network as template for creating new gas networks with the same defininitions for materials, consumer temperature dependancies, regulators, gas, year consumption profiles, etc.

Data exchange:

  • XML Exchange gas networks with any GIS (Geographic Information System).
  • Export to DXF.
  • XML Analysis reports, can be opened by any office system (Microsoft office, Open office)
  • Save current view as image (png, jpg, bmp, gif) with ESRI worldfile.
  • Copy/paste object and definition lists to and from Excel or Word.

Gas Network Analysis options:

  • Standard capacity calculation: Calculates Demands, Pressures, Flows.
  • Dimensioning calculation: calculate optimal diameters for a part or the entire gas network, also with n-1 option for more safety.
  • Profile calculation: models the demand of each consumer through the whole year. View how the Demand, Pressure and Flow change during the day.
  • CML: Customer Minutes Lost. Calculate the chance that customers are not supplied with gas during the year.
  • Calculate at different temperatures and gas temperatures.
  • Calculate with or without new projected gas network parts.
  • Calculate with altitude differences.
  • Use the actual year consumption for each consumer to get accurate calculations.
  • Model the temperature dependancy of the demand of consumers (unlimited number of models can be used. If you like, you can give each user it's own model).
  • Let IRENE Pro connect the consumers automaticaly (IRENE Pro searches the nearest by pipeline).
  • Model interaction between different gas networks.
  • Stations can be limited on minimal and maximal capacities or a regulator can be modeled.
  • Calculation results can be viewed as colour and text. Colour limits can be set by the user.
  • Calculate with constant supply points (for instance biogas or green gas suppliers)
  • Pipeline results: (Calculated) Material and Diameter, State (In Service, Projected, Design, Out of service), Pressure, Pressureloss, Flow, Flowdirection, Speed, Period (traveltime of the gas from the supply point), Supply (where does the gas come from and where does it go), CML (Customer Minutes Lost due to failure chances of the pipeline), ML (Minutes Lost due to failure chances of the pipeline).
  • Stations: State (In Service, Out of Service), Calculated Outlet Pressure, Flow, Limitation (limited on a set minimal or maximal capacity), CML (Customers Minutes Lost due to failure chances of the station), ML (Minutes Lost due to failure chances of the station)
  • Consumers: (Calculated) Connection to pipeline, Pressure, Calculated Demand.
  • Valves: State (Open or Closed).
  • Endpoints: CML (Customers Minutes Lost due to failure chances in the gas network), ML (Minutes Lost due to failure chances in the network)
  • Network verification: find any problem in your gas network model.
  • Use the filter options of listviews to find objects based on your criteria and mark them with a colour.