IRENE Pro 4.7

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IRENE Pro 4.7.3 This is the latest version of IRENE Pro 4.7 Without a license it can be used to calculate up to 50 pipelines fed by 1 gas station. Just click on IRENE Pro and save the winZip File. Unzip and run setup.exe. Please read the release notes.
Release notes 4.7.3 The release note describes the latest changes and fixes.
IRENE Pro manual English  English version of the manual.
General Conditions   The General Conditions for this software for the use of it can be downloaded .

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Other downloads

Download Description
IRENE exchange format XML (report) This report describes the result of the project named 'Modernising the Exchange Format for Asset Data'.  Kiwa Gas Technology developed the format together with the Dutch gas network companies and it is based on GML.

REMARK: This report describes the first version. For the current version, download the XSD below.
IRENE exchange format XML (XSD) Most recent version of the XSD for the IRENE XML format.
IRENE Xpert exchange format IUF+ based This format is based on the Dutch standard NEN 1878. It is deprecated, but it can still be used with IRENE Pro (only import).